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RV Storage Lot Page


RV Storage Lot ImageThank you for your interest in using the Indian Mountain Metropolitan District (“IMMD”) RV Storage Lot.


(The term RV for purposes of this agreement includes: vehicles, cars, trucks. campers, trailers, recreational vehicles, or other property like trailered ATV's, OHV's and Boats).


The annual fee for storage is $35.00 per RV (Price increase of $10.00; up to $35.00 starting in 2019).


In order to receive a permit to store an RV at the IMMD RV Storage Lot, please follow the following procedure per RV.


1. Fill out the Annual Registration, Storage, and Release Agreement, including your Indian Mountain address, (or filing, lot, and unit number), your mailing address, your phone number, and your e-mail address.


2. Submit a check in the amount of $35.00, made payable to: Indian Mountain Metropolitan District.


3. Provide a copy of the current registration for the RV(s) you plan to store. The State Statutes require this.


4. Please drop off the form, check, proof of owning property in Indian Mountain, and your RV(s) state registration copy at the IMMD Community Center Drop Box or Office, or mail them to Indian Mountain Metropolitan District, P.O. Box 25, Como, CO 80432.


5. Once you have received the permit from IMMD, please attach it on the rear of your RV near your license plate. 


6. IMMD will provide you with the code to open the gate at the RV storage lot. When you park your RV, please do not block access to any of the other stored RV’s. Please park your RV on the outside fence if there is room.


Indian Mountain Metropolitan District requires a current agreement form and registration copy to be on file for every year that you store your RV(s) in the IMMD RV storage lot. This means that every time you renew your annual permit, you need to follow the process above.


For winter conditions, please note:

The RV Storage Lot and the road that goes to it are not maintained in the winter.
Access is only as good as the weather and snow depths allow.


If you have any further questions, please call (719) 836-9043.




Updated 05/30/2019