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IMMD Facilities Page


Information Kiosk ImageThe Indian Mountain Metropolitan District (IMMD) is supported by your tax dollars.


Approximately 270 acres within the IM subdivision is your public land managed by the IMMD.  The most popular area is called Indian Mountain (IM) Park where the old ski area and comfort station is located. We also have another 86 acres three miles east along Albino Road. The IMMD is governed by its 2013 Service Plan and today supports a number of facilities and services:  hiking trails, comfort station, playground, picnic pavilion, parklands and open space, wildlife corridors, sledding hill, pasture golf course, disc golf course, RV storage lot, RV dump station, horseshoe pits, and archery range.


To find out more about each item, please click on its title.


Burn Pit - The burn pit is managed by IMMD and used by property owners for safe disposal of FOREST SLASH. The accumulation is periodically burned in a controlled environment. See the Burn Pit Page for the access process, usage guidelines, and volunteer opportunities.


Comfort Station - This facility is located at 1996 Chief Trail for use by Indian Mountain residents.


Golf Course - (and archery range). Located off Albino Road near the Burn Pit and old Recreation Hall. All residents can use the golf course at any time. No reservations are required.


Indian Mountain Park - Located at 1996 Chief Trail, this parcel includes a playground, horseshoe area, picnic pavilion, gas grill, trails for hiking, disc golf, and sledding hill during the winter season.


Indian Mountain Ski Lodge (The Lodge) - Located at 1996 Chief Trail is also known as the lodge. It's available for day and overnight rental. Please click the Lodge link to fill out a reservation form.


Gold Pan Park - Located at the end of Breton Circle off Arrowhead Drive. Available for day use with access to Tarryall Creek.


Community Center - Located 31 Keneu Ct near Arrowhead. This building not only replaces the Ski Lodge as the District's Main Office, but provides an activity center for Indian Mountain.


RV Dump Station - This dump station is located on Chief Trail between Stagestop and Chippewa. The facility is generally open between May 15 and September 15. It is for the use of property owners only.


RV Storage Lot - Located by the golf course off Albino Road.