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Comfort Station Page


Updated July 25, 2020. The Comfort Station remains closed until it is repaired and the Board has decided to open it again. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, the Board is not comfortable opening and risking exposure to the staff and community.



The Comfort Station is located in Indian Mountain Park on Chief Trail.  Showers and toilet facilities are inside.  Both men's and women's facilities are provided as well as a handicapped facility.  There is also a telephone that will allow local calls, but requires a calling card to make long distance calls.  Please see the Comfort Station Rules below.  Respect the rules so that all Indian Mountain property owners can enjoy the use of this facility.


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Electronic Card Key System:

The Comfort Station access is via electronic key.  


If you wish to order your key by mail please send a check for $7.00 ($5.00 key + $2.00 postage) along with proof of ownership of Indian Mountain property to:


P.O. BOX 25
Como. CO 80432




Alternately you can come by the Office at 31 Keneu Ct at Arrowhead (see the home page for hours) and get a key with the property documentation. You can also call 719-836-9043 during those hours for further inquiries or leave a message at any time.


The electronic key system will allow one key per property. 


The electronic key system will help ensure only Indian Mountain property owners have access to the building.   If a person with an electronic key who is not a property owner is found using the facility, access by that particular key can be terminated. Property owners need to carry identification when using the facilities.  Names will be checked against a property owners list for verification.


If you lose your electronic card key please notify the Office.  Access by your old key will be terminated.  You can purchase a new key for $7.00 using one of the methods listed above.

The Metal Key System

The metal key is used to access the RV Dump site. 


Only Indian Mountain property owners can obtain a key.  A $22.00 fee is required ($20.00 key + $2.00 postage).  To obtain a metal key please come to the office (see the home page for hours) or mail $22.00 along with proof of ownership of Indian Mountain property to:


P.O. Box 25
Como, CO 80432


There is a $50.00 charge to replace lost keys.


For additional information call 719-836-9043 during the Saturday hours. Outside of hours please leave a message and someone will get back to you.


  • You must be a PROPERTY OWNER (or be accompanied by a property owner) to use the facility. 

  • The facility is to be used for showers (for people only - no pet bathing is permitted) and restrooms.

  • Potable water is available for campers and RV's for property owners only from an outside hydrant as long as water use within the facility is within limits that will not allow the facility to exceed 1/3 acre foot per year.  If water use approaches the maximum allowed, use of the outside hydrant will be turned off.

  • A telephone is provided inside the comfort station building.  You can make a local call, but a long distance call will require use of a calling card.

  • Carry identification when using the facilities.  A pass or hanging card is not required, but you can be asked for identification at any time you are on IMMD property.  Your identification will be checked against a property owners list. 

  • Please clean up after yourself when you leave.

  • DO NOT bathe your pets in the facility.

  • DO NOT leave your trash in the facility.

  • DO NOT clean up construction tools or other equipment in the facility.

  • DO NOT provide your key to others, including the construction crew that is building your cabin.  (Park County Regulations require that a temporary portable restroom be provided at each construction site).

  • DO NOT do laundry or other washing of personal items.

  • NO electrical appliances other than hair dryers, curling irons, and electric shavers are allowed.

  • Extension cords are not permitted