WSP Forms

IM WSP enrollment for year 2020 closed on July 31, 2019. The links and information below remain as reference. Enrollment material for year 2021 membership will be posted when available.

  • For NON-DECREED WELLS, three links follow. The first two are for New Enrollees and should be submitted together. The third is a Transfer Form for those who are buying property with an existing WSP augmentation plan. If you need more information or help with the forms, please contact Samantha at 719-836-9043.

WSP for New Enrollees


Application to Modify Well Permit for New Enrollees


WSP Transfer Form

  • For DECREED WELLS - You must have your decreed water rights amended to move to WSP. If your well has a prior individual water rights decree associated with it, the case number will be on the first page of your well permit information on the Division of Water Resources website: 

Under 'Feature Type', it will say "Decreed” and give the case number (This is a number other than the old IM Augmentation Plan #W-7389).  Most wells are not decreed.  However, if you have a decreed well, the decree must be amended if you wish to move to WSP. 


IM WSP is not responsible for this change. The action is between you, the Division of Water Resources and the Water Court.  If you have a decreed well, please see the additional documents in the links below. There is a Letter from the Division of Water Resources explaining your options, the required form for your completion, and a template on how to complete your form.  They have been provided for your convenience only.  You need to file the forms yourself. For additional information on augmentation, please visit the DWR Guidance page.


SAMPLE Colorado DWR Letter regarding Decreed Wells (20181025)


JDF 299W Application Form to Change Decreed Water Rights


SAMPLE of Completed JDF 299W Form (Large File - 18meg)